Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Firefox Version 3.5 released !

Firefox 3.5 was released last week. Within a short span of less than a week, over 5 million people have downloaded the browser. This is an example of how people love Microsoft products:-).

Firefox 3.5 is claimed to be twice as fast as Firefox 3.0 and ten times faster than 2.0 version. Like IE 8.0, this version of Mozilla Firefox has a Private browsing window which doesn't store any trace of your browsing records.

Firefox claims to be the first browser to integrate the audio and video content directly into the browser eliminating the requirement for any plug-ins. As per their marketing, Firefox 3.5 browser is the fastest browser in the current market beating chrome 2.0,Safari4.0 and IE 8.0.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Vista SP2 Launched

Vista Service pack2 which has been in beta stage from early December 2008 is out now with his final release on June 1 2009. Although the experts have downloaded and tried the installation pack, it is expected to have very few features added to it. The general rumour is Microsoft doesn't want to make Vista a better Os in order to promote its next big windows "Windows7" sales.

You might have noticed after installing Vista, the C drive will always show a varying disk space unlike Windows Xp. The reason behind is Vista doesn't clear the temp folder and has no restrictions in terms of disk space to be used by Temp folder. This is one of the notable features fixed in Vista SP2 and users can see a significant amount of free disk space on your PC/Laptop after the installation.

Few features added in Vista SP2:

* Improved performance for Wi-Fi and support for latest Bluetooth specification.
* Improved performance of Wi-Fi when coming out of Sleep mode.
* Blu-Ray disc Recording capabilities
* Improved search indexing and search relevance
* Better Free disk space management

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Samsung S5200 Slider Phone

Samsung's slim S5200 sliderphone was announced two months back but the specs and price were not unveiled. The specs are out now

* 10.9mm Thick
* 3.2 Mp camera
* QVGA resolution
* DNSe audio Technology
* FM radio
* GSM/EDGE connectivity
* Bluetooth
* 50 mB expandable upto 8 GB Micro SDHC cards

The camera also support Auto focus, smile detection,Face detection and LED flash with it. Samsung S5200 is planned for release in June and is priced at 15,135 rupees in India(318$).

Sunday, 4 January 2009

IPTV launched in India - BSNL

The beginning of the year has started good for BSNL as it launched the IPTV services in Haryana on 2nd January. Around 140 Television channels, library of Hollywood and bollywood movies, videos, music and education on demand are the features available for the subscribers.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Blu-Ray Disc /DVD Hybrid in Japan

Good News for all the Blu-ray technology fans. Japan has announced the first Blu-ray disc/DVD hybrid which has a single layer of Blu-ray on one side and a standard DVD on the same side. It has been titled “Code Blue emergency helicopter doctor Blu-ray” box.

Solar powered Cases for iphone

A new case is out for the iphone users, solar powered cases available in both sideflip and leather flip models. These case not only porvide protection for your iphone, also inlcude a solar panel to give a few more minutes of life to your iphone. The case is made of ABS Sheepskin and available in red,white or black.